Sunday, March 25, 2012

My heart belongs in the bluegrass

Thunder over Louisville - second largest fireworks show in the world.  Kickoff to KY Derby festival
I love my home town.  Why?  Take a look, and tell me what's not to love.

The science center lets you inside other worlds.

Largest collection of Victorian era homes in the US

 Discovering the Devonian period at the falls of the Ohio

The weather is always a source of excitement.  One day, you are cooling off in a fountain, and the next...


 More than just a city: Downtown Louisville

 Jefferson Memorial Forest - also in Louisville

 making friends with a giraffe at the Louisville zoo

Peaceful walking trails in the many parks

 Most importantly, these parks have ducks!

 Annual Jane Austen Festival

 Iced chai simply tastes better at Heine Brothers.

Cantina tacos at Worldfest.  There are no words to describe this kind of joy.

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  1. A Jane Austen festival??!! I may just have to move back now! Thank you for making me homesick!