Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm no Martha Stewart, but I'm having such fun!

Hello, friends!  So, the plastic bag crochet project was a flop.  However, I am not deterred from my goal of creating recycled loveliness.  Thanks to Girl Scouts and Pinterest, I have conquered junk mail once and for all.  Before I discovered the wonderful crafts made from magazine/coupon type paper, I got annoyed every time a stack of ads arrived in the mail.  Now, it's as if free crafts supplies are delivered to my door!  Also, I never knew what fun tp and paper towel rolls could be.  Things got even more exciting when I found some left over wall primer in the basement.  I brushed it onto cardboard boxtops and can flats to create canvases for painting.  I even made a present for Wesley out of a high school dance photo frame.  Yay, crafting!

so easy!  made from tp rolls.

 painting a wolf and ninja on her cardboard canvas

A major goal in this endeavor is not to have to buy any supplies.  Granted, I have some craft tools already, but I certainly don't have anything fancy.  My bank account currently looks something like this $___:( ___, but that doesn't mean I can't make anything.  I just have to get extra creative.  And perhaps this is good motivation to make a difference by using all recycled materials.  So, don't let being short on cash keep you from being creative.  Have fun with whatever you have on hand.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to do what you love! 

Happy crafting :)