Friday, July 18, 2014

My suitcase is just inhaling and exhaling my belongings these days.

Oh, my goodness.  We leave for orientation next week.  None of this feels quite real yet.  Roughly this time next week, I will probably turn to Wesley and say, “We seem to be aboard a plane.  How did this happen?” 

We will spend three weeks at orientation learning about life on mission and Salesian spirituality.  We will spend one of those weeks serving at the local Salesian mission.  My stomach gets all fluttery when I think about it.  I have dreamed of doing this kind of work for almost my whole life.  I can’t believe I actually get to do it – with really awesome people…and with a husband!  I know none of this will be easy.  Much of it will be uncomfortable and probably even unpleasant at times.  We will be far away from family, friends, pizza, and ice cubes.  Yet, God is faithful.  He will be with us all the way.  After all, this is His idea anyway.

I had a funny experience the other day.  Backstory: When I was fundraising for my trip to India, I held a silent auction.  Several local businesses donated various items and gift cards to my cause.  I wrote thank you notes to each of them…and apparently only delivered some of them. 

Somewhere in all our moving of the past year, I found a stack of these notes.  Somehow, I never seemed to have them with me when I drove past these businesses during working hours.  I also was not entirely sure how to deliver such a tardy note without creating extremely awkward situations.  On Tuesday, I finally seized my opportunity.  (Thank you, unemployment, for allowing me to stroll Bardstown Road during the workday) 

I felt a bit nervous about how the people working there might react (About time, who the heck are you, please leave…).  All my worry was for naught.  At each place we visited, the first person I spoke to turned out to be the business owner.  I told them how their donations helped me get to India and, in turn, how that trip inspired Wesley to want to go on mission.  They were overjoyed to receive my peculiar message.  They told me they felt honored to have played a small part in this amazing journey.  One of them even kissed my hand.

I want you to feel this joy too.  Go thank someone for something.  Anything will do, really, as long as you truly mean it.  You might not realize the power of your humble appreciation.  I was once moved to tears by the kind words from someone working a drive thru window.

Granted, I am a little girl who cries a lot, but still… It matters.  Let me know what you decide to thank someone for.  It doesn’t have to be grandiose.  Just take a moment to let someone know how much you appreciate him or her.

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